Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter, the next generation

I keep hearing the name Charlotte Muhl Kemp and saw her pictures in various style features. I wasn't completely sure who she was and it wasn't until I received my new issue of Lucky that I realized I may have a style soul sister out there! This young musician and model, who is dating rock royalty, Sean Lennon, wears dresses with combat boots (like me!), wears tons of feathers (I'm a borderline bird!), and fur coats (hellllooooo Golden Girl) ! Her eclectic sound comes through her unique styling that's a hodge-podge of vintage dresses, quirky hats and animalistic mayhem.

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This power couple has a band together called Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger and it's pretty interesting. I like the chill, folky sound, but even more, I love that the lyrics aren't really of the folk genre due to their imaginative nature. They're kind of mesmerizing to watch and soothing to listen to...

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Learning more about Charlotte reminded me of an outfit I once wore. Here's me on my way to dinner in NYC with my dear friend, Spiri....I rocked feather earrings from Loehmann's (14.99), funky crochet style poncho ($20 on sale at H&M), Betsey Johnson Bag ($150 on sale at Nordstrom years ago), and my beat to shit Kors Michael Kors motorcycle boots (years ago at Loehmann's for $60). I think I did my girl, Miss Charlotte, proud.

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