Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Kills @ TLA, Philly 4/27

This Wednesday, I had an awesome day adventure in Philadelphia before The Kills show at the Theater of the Living Arts (one of my favorite intimate venues back in the day). The weather was insanely warm and the rain held off so I could wander the streets and shops aimlessly. South Street has some sick vintage, friendly stylish people and quirky boutiques that kept me entertained all day. Here's my day in pictures:

1. Ben Franklin Bridge
2 & 3. I'm rocking Dior sunglasses, a $5 tank from H&M, a $10 sale skirt from H&M, a $10 belt from Marshall's ages ago, beat to shit Michael Kors biker boots, and Michael Kors Astor satchel bag (I own practically the entire Astor my "daddy," Michael Kors!)
4. Entrance to South Street
5. Lovely skeleton...I have an obsession with skeletons long before it was cool. I remember when I used to wear skeleton print sneakers and people thought I was nuts.
6 & 7. Mosaic art...I OBSESS over mosaic tile and it's absolutely a motif I will incorporate in my home one day.
8. Dior sunglasses & Wilma Flinestone hair
9. Theater of the Living Arts
10. "South Philly Cheesesteak" from Ishkabibble's. INCREDIBLE! Friendliest staff ever, too...located right across from theater.
11. Bathroom grafitti that was an ode to Rihanna, thanking her for making S&M mainstream. Too funny.
12. My jewels...(from left to right) Forever 21 ring, Old Navy leather stud bracelet, personalized leather bracelet from Disney, faux snakeskin H&M bracelet, Marc Jacobs protection bracelet
13 - 15. The Kills: Jamie Hince & Alison Mosshart

The Kills put on a great show with Alison's intoxicating voice belting out passionate lyrics about scorned love. She was awesomely jerking about the stage and staring off rather insanely, as if she became "crazy" because of her jarring experiences with former lovers. Jamie Hince (Kate Moss' man) really supported her with furious guitar playing and backup vocals. This duo obviously has a natural connection with each other and has no trouble switching between instruments without hesitation, hence creating a great vibe that kept the crowd clapping and dancing along. Check out their new album, Blood Pressures. Here's the video for their song that got me into them, Satellite. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crush it!

Few things I've been into this week...

1. Big retro "bangs" and high ponytail...not sure if it's retro or Wilma Flinestone? Having fun with it, nonetheless.

2. OPI Black Shatter from the Katy Perry collection...sold out for weeks, I was swindled at Ricky's NYC for $14 for this nailpolish (it sold out the next day)...but, you can find it on for about $8. Makes a great topcoat and is extremely fun to layer. I layered mine over a white nailpolish and put a clear glitter over the shatter.

3. Vintage bib/statement necklaces...LOVE these unique pieces that instantly transform a tired, old t-shirt into something far more interesting.

Currently headed to Philadelphia for The Kills and Cold Cave show at the TLA...cue that Bruce Springsteen song, the Rocky steps and the Liberty Bell...oh, and amazing cheesesteak!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ugly Black Betty

(I'm rocking an ancient hand knit sweater from Express (back when they used to make great quality shit), sheer black top from The Limited, black sequin bra from H&M, Diesel black twill pants, and HUGE wedges from Forever 21, prescription Derek Cardigan glasses)

I LOVE Ram Jam's "Black Betty" immediately makes me think of that super badass scene in the movie Blow where Johnny Depp is walking down that airport hallway ...and anything that makes me think of Johnny Depp is cool with me.

(video courtesy of YouTube)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

"I was up above it...Now I'm down in it"

(I'm rocking a Michael Kors leather jacket, Express cropped sweater, BCBG harem pants, Burberry rain boots, and a Swatch watch)

"Rain, rain go away. 
Come again some other day."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

She says she likes my watch

Check out my SICK new timepiece I got at the Swatch store in Times Square ($70)....

It's part of the Jeremy Scott for Swatch collection.

I pray to the fashion gods thanking them for bringing me such a bad ass watch. 

Jeremy Scott himself showing off his goods. I love the little wings on his jacket in this pic. I need them.

I think I may need to acquire the frame watch too. :-/
(for more info,

And, just for you, since I'm in such an "angelic" mood:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who Rocked It Better?!?!?


(I'm rocking a vintage hat from Reminiscence NYC, Zara coat, H&M corset)

Who rocked the vintage captain hat better?? Scott Weiland or Olga Turka??

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And if I was from Paris

*Go ahead, shake your ass to this song...I dare you NOT to!*

"If I was a man I'd make my move

If I was a blade I'd shave you smooth

If I was a judge I'd break the law

And if I was from Paris,
if I was from Paris
I would say

oOh La La La La La La"

(I'm rocking a vintage hat from Reminiscence NYC, $18; old Victoria's Secret Pink tank top; Michael Kors pants, $20 Bloomingdales outlet; Consignment shop jacket, $5)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ghost Who Walks

My sincerest apologies, first off, for some technical issues that prevented me from posting as often as I would like. But, without further we go, bitches!

I KNEW I had to post this ensemble for the simple fact that two homeless men in Hoboken told me that I was "stylin'" and that they liked my outfit. It's nothing but a hodgepodge of some of my favorite items thrown together for this casual Sunday.

So, the creepy sense I got from these nighttime photos made me think of ghosts...and then I thought about Karen Elson's "The Ghost Who Walks" (GENIUS, I know!). Her debut solo effort is rather impressive for someone I merely knew from the catwalk and fashion spreads. This fellow "Jill" of all trades demonstrates her singing and songwriting talents which successfully make a solid effort to escape the shadow of being a supermodel and Mrs. Jack White. I saw her and her band this past October at Irving Plaza and it was, for lack of a better word, very pretty. Her soft voice isn't remarkable but it is damn good, and her stage presence is mesmerizing, almost eerie. The song lyrics are interesting and the insanely awesome coordination of the band members' vintage inspired ensembles were some serious eye candy. Fashion rock it may be, but it's enchanting and I like this folky album when I want to relax from my typically loud and angry rock music choices. Rock on, Karen...and rock on, bitches!

(Below, I'm rocking a Michael Kors hooded leather jacket; Michael Kors sweater, Express snakeskin print leggings; Marc Jacobs aviators, Coach Chuck Taylors; Michael Kors rose gold watch, and a vintage clutch...obviously, if someone were to say, "Olga, who's your daddy??"...the answer would definitely be, "Michael Kors!!")

"The ghost who walks 
she's on the prowl
 for the man she loved, 
 he cut her down "