Monday, April 4, 2011

Ghost Who Walks

My sincerest apologies, first off, for some technical issues that prevented me from posting as often as I would like. But, without further we go, bitches!

I KNEW I had to post this ensemble for the simple fact that two homeless men in Hoboken told me that I was "stylin'" and that they liked my outfit. It's nothing but a hodgepodge of some of my favorite items thrown together for this casual Sunday.

So, the creepy sense I got from these nighttime photos made me think of ghosts...and then I thought about Karen Elson's "The Ghost Who Walks" (GENIUS, I know!). Her debut solo effort is rather impressive for someone I merely knew from the catwalk and fashion spreads. This fellow "Jill" of all trades demonstrates her singing and songwriting talents which successfully make a solid effort to escape the shadow of being a supermodel and Mrs. Jack White. I saw her and her band this past October at Irving Plaza and it was, for lack of a better word, very pretty. Her soft voice isn't remarkable but it is damn good, and her stage presence is mesmerizing, almost eerie. The song lyrics are interesting and the insanely awesome coordination of the band members' vintage inspired ensembles were some serious eye candy. Fashion rock it may be, but it's enchanting and I like this folky album when I want to relax from my typically loud and angry rock music choices. Rock on, Karen...and rock on, bitches!

(Below, I'm rocking a Michael Kors hooded leather jacket; Michael Kors sweater, Express snakeskin print leggings; Marc Jacobs aviators, Coach Chuck Taylors; Michael Kors rose gold watch, and a vintage clutch...obviously, if someone were to say, "Olga, who's your daddy??"...the answer would definitely be, "Michael Kors!!")

"The ghost who walks 
she's on the prowl
 for the man she loved, 
 he cut her down "

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