Monday, February 28, 2011

Hell's Kitchen

So, my housemate Jen and I decided last minute to try selling some clothes, bags, shoes, books and more at the Hell's Kitchen flea market on Sunday. While we may not have sold much at all, we had a very relaxing and interesting day. What we didn't make in money we gained in people was so fun that we're headed back there in two weeks!

1. My roomie, Jen, standing by our stuff.
2. Me rocking a Zara coat, hat by Cara and Valentino Sunglasses.
3. A little guy rocking star-studded Chuck Taylor's with a matching scarf...I'm IN LOVE with his different colored laces.
4. This guy is like a Nordic him! I have a thing for Jesus Lumberjacks.
5. Loved this lady's patterned tights and mixology. She was totally working it at the flea market!
6. The little guy from photo #3 and his mom...obviously the great taste in sneakers is genetic.
7. Hottie rocking aviators and a dog so strong and big he was pulling him around the market.
8. Loved this lady's super orange hair and green coat...It was very striking. I wish I was her friend bc I would never lose her in a crowd.
9. Dude looks like a lady with the hottest legs ever.
10. Coordinating dog and owner...LOVE that they both have beards and black coats.
11. I love this...probably THE highlight of our day. I don't know which part of this ensemble I like best: the scrunchi, vintage button earrings, the fact that he padded his bra, the hot pink unitard or the red Chucks...LOVE LOVE LOVE.
12. A little french girl rocking a beret.
13. Our viewpoint from our stools.
14. Kurt Cobain look-a-like who is rocking the semi-homeless look perfectly.

**Super congrats to Trent Reznor for winning an Academy Award...2011 is looking super awesome already! :) **

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pimpin' out my bachelorette pad

Just purchased these two pictures of Ozzy Osbourne and Scott Weiland to pimp out my was hard to decide through all of the options! Once I get them framed (going to scour flea markets and Home Goods for the perfect frames), I'll show you the results! 

(above images and posters may be found at

Also, I'm REALLY thinking about getting this wall mural too, for my's SICK! Pretty cool stuff on this website, and they're all customizable!

(above wall mural found at

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If you're dating a Jersey girl, raise your hand. If not, raise your standards :)

(Lili Petrus for Express brocade blazer, VERY long time ago; NY F'in' City t-shirt, $6 on Canal St; Escada Sport high-waisted jeans, $10 TJ Maxx clearance ohh yeahhhhh; Jeffrey Campbell Lita platform boots, $160 on

Happy Hump Day, Bitches!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Concert Review: Aaron Lewis of Staind @ Westbury, NY 2/20/2011

It took me two tunnels to get to this venue rather quickly from NJ, probably because I was filled with anticipation for the evening. Staind's Aaron Lewis was performing an acoustic set! His vocals when he performs with Staind are extraordinarily mesmerizing, which is proven by their lack of pyrotechnics and a flashy light show to captivate their audience - simply great, emotional lyrics sung by a talented vocalist and well-played instruments. Though he does perform acoustically with the band, especially when singing "Outside," this would be different since it was going to be just him, a mic and a guitar.

When Aaron first gets on stage donning a black Jack Daniel's t-shirt, a black baseball cap and jeans, he takes his guitar and sits down on the stool. The stage was set up eerily similar to an episode of VH1 Storytellers, with a rug in the middle of the stage, a couple of stools, his cigarettes, a couple microphones and guitar cases. This was perfect for the Theatre at Westbury's mini amphitheater set-up. People were singing along, drunks were shouting out song requests (with the super comedic Aaron answering them back or singing a couple lines of the requested song), and couples were canoodling. Everything attributed to the very intimate ambiance that created the feeling that you were either in a busy coffee shop, Aaron's garage jam session practice, or a small shit-hole bar.

Not being familiar with this type of show, I assumed he was simply going to sing many songs off of his new solo album, Town Line, which comes out March 1st. I don't know Aaron personally, but with my experience seeing him perform with Staind numerous times, he's seemingly shy, reserved, and private. But, the entire night was filled with a very light-hearted and open side of Aaron. He continuously cracked jokes, threw f-bombs, and opened up about details about his family life through his very impassioned and sentimental new songs. After a song or two, he had his bus driver, Ben Kitterman (yes!! his bus driver!!), come out and play his acoustic dobro guitar to accompany him for the rest of the show. It was well worth the nearly $50 ticket, since you were getting a  rare musical experience and a hilarious comedy show in one.

The two and a half hour set (straight, no intermission) included MANY cover songs, or clips of songs. He played parts of "Rainbow Connection" (in Kermit's voice...he even joked that Kermit's finger smelled like bacon HA!!), Cyndi Lauper's "Time after time," Bruce Springsteen, Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl," and MANY more. I have a couple clips for you to watch/listen to below. (I apologize for the visual quality, since there was a Nazi security guard that was going up to everyone with a camera to tell them to put it away). He also poked major fun at Scott Stapp by singing Creed's "Arms Wide Open" while cracking his voice and singing out of tune. He also stated very sarcastically that he should stop so that Scott doesn't beat him up, but then said his bus driver would never allow it. :) 

Aaron singing Cyndi and Kermit (you can't see anything in the video, just listen...damn security guard!!):

I'd describe the songs off of Aaron's solo effort as incredibly emotional and raw tinged with his country roots. It isn't necessarily fully rock or fully country, yet a melange of the two. The lyrics were much more personal, even naming his daughter's names in one of his songs. He has some love songs and even one where he referred to his song as "I'm wearing my vagina on my sleeve for this one." Though he probably loves playing the hardcore rock shows with Staind where moshpits are rampant, this seems to be a very welcome outlet for Aaron to let go and explore other sides of his creativity. Each song told a story, but from what I gathered from the touching lyrics and softness of the songs, is that Aaron loves his daughters immensely, his wife unconditionally and his country forever. He refers to crying a few times, which is touching that his tough guy exterior would admit to his sensitivity when it comes to his family. He loves his freedom and hometown and hates the judgmental, pretentious people that act perfect. His last song, which he came out to perform alone for the encore, consisted of him coming out with his guitar and sitting with the microphone behind him. Everyone hushed as he sang a thank you song to those who put up with him while concurrently including f*ck yous to those who are fake.

Thank you, Aaron Lewis, for an incredibly chill Sunday evening and for showing another side of you. I, for one, will DEFINITELY be buying your album on March 1st and I highly recommend others to do so as well.

Aaron singing "Outside" :

Friday, February 18, 2011

Into the Would?

Into the woods, I go...wearing an impractical outfit to be in the woods. So, I decided to conjure up a play on words, and go with Alice in Chains. "Would?" is an all-time favorite song of mine from the band, which came from the album Dirt in 1992 (dirt is also another theme in these poor shoes). The song is a tribute to the lead singer of Mother Love Bone, who had died of a heroin overdose. Lead singer, Layne Staley had his own personal drug addictions and lost his battle with them in 2002. However, in recent years, they have incepted William Duvall, who is an AMAZING lead singer and sounds eerily just as intense as Layne had years before. I saw them live not too long ago, and with their newer singles "Your Decision" and "Check My Brain," it's safe to say they can continue the legacy and keep rocking venues for years to come.

"hAvE I rUn ToO fAr To GeT hOmE..."

(rocking an Emanuel by Emanuel Ungaro blazer, $40 at Filene's Basement {discounted from $250+...helllllz yeah!}, F21 jeans, $12.99 {I bleached the hell out of these simply using a spray bottle and Clorox for the Balmain look}, Dolce Vita shoes, $99.99 at Marshall's {discounted from $250+})

Photography courtesy of Jennifer Hobbs, The Mighty Model

Love the video's raw 90s grunge hair and outfits (I love me some stripes and that you-picked-up-whatever-was-on-the-floor-and-threw-it-on look, whether it matched or not...SUPER awesome)

"Excuse me, ma'am. Are those sick hooker heels made of (look left, right, up, down)...WOOD?!?!"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who Rocked It Better?!?!?



(photo courtesy of )

Olga Turka vs. Alex Delarge from Clockwork Orange

(I'm rocking a Gap Jacket, $10 on sale! Holllllaaa; Men's Hat from H&M, $12.99; Rhinestone Skull long sleeve top, $20 at Daytona Bike Week; Twinkle by Wenlan wool pants, $60 on sale from $300+, from Macy's NYC hollllllaaaa!!!)

Apparently, I enjoy dressing like strange characters from TV/film. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

It was a painful death

(smashing grandpa tank top, Nordstrom years ago; Bandage vintage mini skirt from Paris; "F You" Bracelet from New Orleans; "I Hate You" ring, Tina Tarantino - gift from my lovely friend Lisa)

(This is a CAKE, can you believe it?!?! Photo Courtesy of )

Started this year off as an ex girl after four years, so Valentine's Day isn't on the top of my super awesome days right now. Though, I never really cared for it because I hate commercialized bullshit holidays (although they do make GREAT Macy's one day sales.) I believe all the good, hardworking ladies deserve roses, chocolates, lingerie and words of love on the daily (that's right...train those boys to be gentlemen!) Anyway, I always tell those in my life that I love that I love them everyday (friends and family alike) because it's important for people to know. So, in honor of my "anti-Valentine's Day,"  here's two songs that I love to soothe my currently wounded heart, courtesy of Incubus and the Black Keys. The Black Keys have an AMAZING album out and they're at the top of my must-see in concert list, along with Mumford & Sons...Enjoy your V-day, bitches :).

(videos courtesy of YouTube)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who Rocked It Better?!?!?


Olga Turka vs. Big Deal from the Priceline Commercials

(I'm wearing a H&M men's hat, 12.99; vintage fox fur coat from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, $40)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


(Vintage dress, $20 from Polly Sue's Vintage Shop; F21 elastic boots, $30; Calvin Klein bag, gift from Mama Turka)

Photography by Christopher Van Zanten 

Tomorrow is the beginning of New York Fashion Week Fall 2011, my bitches! In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I Die"!!!! Can't wait to see the new shit :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Blood Runs Cold

Taking advantage of the 45-degree "heat wave" weather, this is a quick 3 snaps to show ya'll my casual Sunday outfit. I wore this walking around NYC while I was avoiding anything and everything to do with the Superbowl. I can't stand football, I find it absolutely mind numbing with the monotonous running and stopping... and this is coming from an ex high school cheerleader. Buffalo wings f*cking rule, though. :)

Hat, H and M Mens (12.99); Sweater, Calvin Klein Outlet (19.99), F21 Jeans (around $20), Leather and Silver Necklace worn as bracelet, unknown; Clutch, consignment shop ($1); Boots, Dolce and Gabbana ($80, Daffy's holllllaaaaa)

(video courtesy of YouTube)

Speaking of high school and cheerleading, this video has to be shared for it's 80s hilarity and awesome use of women in lingerie for no reason. Though, above all, I'm totally in love with Jay Geils' super fly outfit. He was pattern mixing before it was fashionable to do so...and that studded jacket, to die for!!! He could totally rock this today. Oh yeah...and, you're so welcome for having this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter, the next generation

I keep hearing the name Charlotte Muhl Kemp and saw her pictures in various style features. I wasn't completely sure who she was and it wasn't until I received my new issue of Lucky that I realized I may have a style soul sister out there! This young musician and model, who is dating rock royalty, Sean Lennon, wears dresses with combat boots (like me!), wears tons of feathers (I'm a borderline bird!), and fur coats (hellllooooo Golden Girl) ! Her eclectic sound comes through her unique styling that's a hodge-podge of vintage dresses, quirky hats and animalistic mayhem.

(video courtesy of NYLON TV on

This power couple has a band together called Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger and it's pretty interesting. I like the chill, folky sound, but even more, I love that the lyrics aren't really of the folk genre due to their imaginative nature. They're kind of mesmerizing to watch and soothing to listen to...

(video courtesy of

Learning more about Charlotte reminded me of an outfit I once wore. Here's me on my way to dinner in NYC with my dear friend, Spiri....I rocked feather earrings from Loehmann's (14.99), funky crochet style poncho ($20 on sale at H&M), Betsey Johnson Bag ($150 on sale at Nordstrom years ago), and my beat to shit Kors Michael Kors motorcycle boots (years ago at Loehmann's for $60). I think I did my girl, Miss Charlotte, proud.