Friday, February 18, 2011

Into the Would?

Into the woods, I go...wearing an impractical outfit to be in the woods. So, I decided to conjure up a play on words, and go with Alice in Chains. "Would?" is an all-time favorite song of mine from the band, which came from the album Dirt in 1992 (dirt is also another theme in these poor shoes). The song is a tribute to the lead singer of Mother Love Bone, who had died of a heroin overdose. Lead singer, Layne Staley had his own personal drug addictions and lost his battle with them in 2002. However, in recent years, they have incepted William Duvall, who is an AMAZING lead singer and sounds eerily just as intense as Layne had years before. I saw them live not too long ago, and with their newer singles "Your Decision" and "Check My Brain," it's safe to say they can continue the legacy and keep rocking venues for years to come.

"hAvE I rUn ToO fAr To GeT hOmE..."

(rocking an Emanuel by Emanuel Ungaro blazer, $40 at Filene's Basement {discounted from $250+...helllllz yeah!}, F21 jeans, $12.99 {I bleached the hell out of these simply using a spray bottle and Clorox for the Balmain look}, Dolce Vita shoes, $99.99 at Marshall's {discounted from $250+})

Photography courtesy of Jennifer Hobbs, The Mighty Model

Love the video's raw 90s grunge hair and outfits (I love me some stripes and that you-picked-up-whatever-was-on-the-floor-and-threw-it-on look, whether it matched or not...SUPER awesome)

"Excuse me, ma'am. Are those sick hooker heels made of (look left, right, up, down)...WOOD?!?!"

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