Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who Rocked It Better?!?!? Olga Turka vs. Freddy Krueger vs. Kurt Cobain



(At the Night hotel in NYC,  I'm rocking Marc Jacobs avaitors, on sale $120 from $300, a Forever 21 cropped tank $8.90; The Limited bib Filigree necklace, on sale $14.99; Express Silk Shorts, on sale $19.99; Penny Loves Kenny gladiator sandals, on sale $70 in Soho; Vintage snakeskin clutch, $18)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, America!! You rock!!

Lips clutch,
Jeffrey Campbell Lita's,


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Savage Beauty

Went to Alexander McQueen's exhibit, "Savage Beauty," at the MET last month. Can we say holy sensory orgasm?!?!? Upon entering the exhibit, my friend and I immediately had goosebumps and chills. It was incredible to read about the late designer's influences, as well as see these AMAZING, unimaginable pieces/works of ART up close and personal. I plan to see the exhibit again before it's run at the MET ends - it was THAT amazing! You have until July 31st to see the exhibit... Get yo' ass over there and GET INSPIRED!!!

You can see this SICK dress created by robots (?!?!?) during his 1999 show in the exhibit (do yourself a solid and watch this video!! It is what EVERY fashion show should be - a SHOW):

I wasn't allowed to take any pictures inside the exhibit, but here's some pictures of me acting like an immature idiot in the prestigious museum. As you will soon learn in these few photographs, I love men in uniform, phallic photo ops, guacamole and Vespas.

I'm rocking Valentino sunglasses (sale $120 from $300, Nordstrom), an H&M blazer (sale, $20), an Urban Outfitters skirt (sale, $10), a bought the wrong size cropped Hanes tank, Joyce Leslie necklace ($8), Free People anklets (sale, $10 each), M. London leather bag (graduation gift from Mama Turka), and never worn men's brogues $3.99 at Goodwill. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mama, I'm coming home

One of the greatest feelings in the world is to come home and visit your dysfunctional family (if they're dysfunctional in a good, amusing way) :). I never tire of my mom's unintentional hilarity, my father's sarcastic humor, endless home-cooked Turkish meals from scratch, and being near the beach.

In my parents' backyard, I'm rocking an ancient Arden B. kimono style silk dress (it was super cheap at $40), nude Old Navy slip,  Vera Wang Lavender strappy wedges (on sale at Nordstrom!), vintage bracelets and evil eye bracelet from Turkey, Illamasqua nail colors, huge ring from Buffalo Exchange in Charlotte, and F21 "mother of pearl" grid ring.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Slang is a language that rolls up its sleeves, spits on its hands and goes to work. - Carl Sandburg

Life in general has brought about some daily terminology I love to use. It simply spices up my vocabulary while simultaneously mocking seriousness, poking fun at the English language, and disintegrating the value of my cum laude college education. Without further ado, I bring you words I love to use and CHEERS to you if you begin utilizing these in your daily jargon as well :) :

1. "Kim Kardashian" - (noun) your ass, derriere, butt

(i.e., "Girllll, that dress is so tight your Kim Kardashian's showing.")

This word was brought about because Kim always wears those skin-tight Herve Leger type dresses that draw all eyes toward her tush. This may also be interchangeable with "Pippa Middleton," who is the new world renowned bearer of an awesome badonkadonk.

2. "Vanessa Hudgens" - (noun) your vagina, va-jay-jay, nether region.

(i.e., "This dress is so short, I fear my Vanessa Hudgens is showing." 


"We're going to the beach tomorrow, make sure you shave your Hudgens.")

This was brought about due to this shocking-at-the-time-because-of-High-School-Musical (underage) nude photos of Vanessa that were blasted onto the internet showcasing her full bush and inappropriate poses.

3. "S & G" - (adjective) sexy and gorgeous

(i.e., "Suri Cruise's pumps are so S & G"


"Your vintage dress is so S & G")

This came about due to my best friend Cara and I discussing how lucky Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, who was gracing the cover of a tabloid, is to have the DNA of the most beautiful people on the planet and that she already is sporting the famous Jolie lips. And even though these days her get-ups make her look far more Ellen Degeneres than a Jolie-Pitt, her genetic makeup has her pegged as S&G for life. 

4. "Beyonce weave"- (noun) hair extensions or fake hair

(i.e., 'Your hair is SO long, is it real?' 'No way, girlfriend. I'm rockin' my Beyonce weave.')

I came up with this due to the excessive abuse of weaves, hair extensions, and wigs by Mrs. Jay-Z, though she's a fly bitch. I rock clip-on extensions sometimes out of pure boredom and like to think of them as my ode to B.

5. "super" - (adjective) an exaggeration of the word "very"

(i.e., "Guys with beards and plaid pants are super freaking cute. Zach Galifianakis, do me!" 


(As I watch a kid sticking his fingers near an electrical outlet while the parents are completely aloof) "Some people are super annoying. It should be illegal that they procreate." )

6. "bitch" - (noun) friend, fierce female and/or kick-ass woman

(i.e., "Talk to you later, bitch" or "Cheers, bitches!")

My "bitch" Cara and I began using this term after hearing Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie refer to each other as "bitch" during the first season of The Simple Life. Much to the utter disgust of others in earshot, we continue to use it to this day.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seether, Gramercy Theatre NYC, 5/24/2011

Seether has consistently been one of my favorite live rock bands. They speak very little and keep it all about the music, which I prefer in concert because it keeps the energy continuously flowing.  This small, yet powerful, band hailing from South Africa rocked the night away by opening with "Gasoline" (which I love blasting in the car), covering Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" (though I prefer their cover of "Careless Whisper"), and closing the night off with "Remedy" as their encore.

(bassist Dale Stewart & I)

(I'm rocking a Limited blazer, on sale $20; Vintage bowtie; Ozzy T-shirt from Loehmann's, $9.99; Hurley shorts from Century 21 $14.99; Spiked Murano Glass ring, gift from friend; brogues you can't see from Goodwill Men's section, $3.99)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Carolina Rebellion, May 7, 2011 @ Metrolina Expo in Charlotte, NC

When I first heard about Carolina Rebellion, I was super excited because on the same bill were a few bands I often see separately. This music fest of rock had 30,000+ attendees, mainly from the South and it automatically sounded like a fun and unique experience. I convinced my friend Andres, a huge concert devotee as well, to get tickets and go on a roadtrip adventure down to the show.
The 10 hours it takes to drive there is quite scenic (I've never driven south of Virginia) and as you pass each state line, the people become even friendlier. One thing I love about music festivals is that even if you don't like every single band performing, it is the best people watching experience. To see unfamiliar folk letting their hair down is quite amusing, to say the least. Charlotte is a super cute, clean, quiet city with the friendliest and most polite people I've met to date. 

Places I HIGHLY recommend to visit:
1. Smelly Cat coffeehouse (I was sucked in as soon as I ordered an iced soy latte and the ice was crushed for me...super yummy snacks too)
2. Buffalo Exchange (super cute vintage/consignment with reasonable prices)
3. Aloft hotel's WXYZ lounge...super chic, quirky and modern decor with reasonable drink prices. There's a patio to sit outside and the indoor area is adjacent to a movie theatre! Genius!

Here's my adventure in pictures...ENJOY:

1. Scenic view of beautiful America.
2. 311 on the West Virginia sign...hell yeah!
3. More of the gorge USA
4. The entrance to mayhem :)
5. My friend Andres and I in the crowd.
6. A fan showing his Carolina Rebellion patriotism through hair ties.
7. This super fan shouted "Osama dead, we got 'im!" Super happy dude :)
8. My outfit for the show...rocked a very old shirt from Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 shorts, Lips sunglasses from Five Below for $5, Steve Madden studded bag, Betsey Johnson black studded belt, Lucky Brand leopard belt, my decrepit Michael Kors biker boots (which you cannot see in the pic).
9. I needed two belts to protect me from these hooligans...just kidding, I couldn't decide which so I wore both!
10. Rednecks with red necks.
11. Awesome hairdo from a fan. LOVE it!
12. Skillet performing...they always have an amazing stage presence and I adore their incorporation of string instruments.
13. Bullet for My Valentine...these guys are LOUD! :)
14 & 15. 30,000 + people
16. Seether! Always loved their live shows, they NEVER disappoint!
17. Stone Sour - not bad, not great
18. Godsmack - Sully's one of my all-time favorite vocalists and I wish their sound guy was better for this show. They usually sound AMAZING.
19. Avenged Sevenfold is insanely great on stage, always high energy! I was SO glad they were the headliner for this show. I'm still obsessed with their universally relatable song "Almost Easy," though "Nightmare" is fun too.
20. Rock and roll lesbian! Awesome! :) And dude, everyone knows you're a lesbian haha.
21. Our departure from the festival which produced a semi-creepy pic. Love it!
22. Smelly Cat Coffeehouse...delicious and highly recommended. It's quaint, cute, and puts any Starbucks to shame.
23. I'm rocking a Forever 21 jumper and Minnetonka moccasin booties in downtown Charlotte. 
24. Drinking my current fave drink, Calimocho (red wine + diet coke), at the XYZ lounge.
25. I want this skull in my yard, asap. I obsess over mosaic tiling and this is by far the best thing I've ever seen. The interior, which you can walk in, is all done the same way. Skulls + mosaic tiling = I'm VERY happy.