Monday, February 28, 2011

Hell's Kitchen

So, my housemate Jen and I decided last minute to try selling some clothes, bags, shoes, books and more at the Hell's Kitchen flea market on Sunday. While we may not have sold much at all, we had a very relaxing and interesting day. What we didn't make in money we gained in people was so fun that we're headed back there in two weeks!

1. My roomie, Jen, standing by our stuff.
2. Me rocking a Zara coat, hat by Cara and Valentino Sunglasses.
3. A little guy rocking star-studded Chuck Taylor's with a matching scarf...I'm IN LOVE with his different colored laces.
4. This guy is like a Nordic him! I have a thing for Jesus Lumberjacks.
5. Loved this lady's patterned tights and mixology. She was totally working it at the flea market!
6. The little guy from photo #3 and his mom...obviously the great taste in sneakers is genetic.
7. Hottie rocking aviators and a dog so strong and big he was pulling him around the market.
8. Loved this lady's super orange hair and green coat...It was very striking. I wish I was her friend bc I would never lose her in a crowd.
9. Dude looks like a lady with the hottest legs ever.
10. Coordinating dog and owner...LOVE that they both have beards and black coats.
11. I love this...probably THE highlight of our day. I don't know which part of this ensemble I like best: the scrunchi, vintage button earrings, the fact that he padded his bra, the hot pink unitard or the red Chucks...LOVE LOVE LOVE.
12. A little french girl rocking a beret.
13. Our viewpoint from our stools.
14. Kurt Cobain look-a-like who is rocking the semi-homeless look perfectly.

**Super congrats to Trent Reznor for winning an Academy Award...2011 is looking super awesome already! :) **

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