Monday, February 14, 2011

It was a painful death

(smashing grandpa tank top, Nordstrom years ago; Bandage vintage mini skirt from Paris; "F You" Bracelet from New Orleans; "I Hate You" ring, Tina Tarantino - gift from my lovely friend Lisa)

(This is a CAKE, can you believe it?!?! Photo Courtesy of )

Started this year off as an ex girl after four years, so Valentine's Day isn't on the top of my super awesome days right now. Though, I never really cared for it because I hate commercialized bullshit holidays (although they do make GREAT Macy's one day sales.) I believe all the good, hardworking ladies deserve roses, chocolates, lingerie and words of love on the daily (that's right...train those boys to be gentlemen!) Anyway, I always tell those in my life that I love that I love them everyday (friends and family alike) because it's important for people to know. So, in honor of my "anti-Valentine's Day,"  here's two songs that I love to soothe my currently wounded heart, courtesy of Incubus and the Black Keys. The Black Keys have an AMAZING album out and they're at the top of my must-see in concert list, along with Mumford & Sons...Enjoy your V-day, bitches :).

(videos courtesy of YouTube)


  1. Hey. Sunday Feb 20 th. I'm playing my last show with Pain Of Days at Starland Ballroom. Would love to have you there. Let me know what's up. Brian.

  2. Dude, I SOOOO would! But I am already going to see Aaron Lewis acoustic in Long Island...I'm dying to see your band!!! Gimme a heads up next time you're playing on a Sunday, Monday or Wednesday!!