Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Like My Life Insane

(Bebe leather jacket, F21 leopard skirt, KORS Michael Kors Debby wedges)

These pictures were taken in my favorite shit-hole bar in Las Vegas, Double Down Saloon (which is also in NYC.) I absolutely LOVE the unpretentiousness and the graffitied surroundings not found on the strip. I highly recommend the "ass juice" shots, which sound disgusting but are actually quite delicious. At Double Down, where the motto is "Shut up and drink," the secret ingredients in those shots, the interesting clientele and the super late-night hours guarantee some serious F-U-N!

 (This crazy guy's hair matched my skirt perfectly, so I HAD to capture the moment!)

The above picture is on the Ladies Room door and reminded of the following video because of her droopy eyes and questionable behavior.

(Korn "Right Now" via YouTube)

Korn is probably my all-time FAVORITE live concert. I've seen this nu metal band quite a few times over the years. The amount of sustainable energy they inject into any crowd is, in a word, INSANE. Crowd surfing, bag pipes, moshing, singing along, Jonathan Davis whipping his long dreads about, kilts, LOUD rock music...what's not to love?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome to the Show!

(Rodarte for Target dress)

Today is my 28th birthday and I have decided to launch my blog today as a new outlet for my thoughts, ideas and influences...I have an obsession with music and fashion. Here, you will see how they come together. Enjoy! :)

(Saliva - Ladies and Gentleman via YouTube)

Saliva is a GREAT band live - with very high energy and they never disappoint. I enjoyed this video, especially because the lead singer never looks like the dapper, well-coiffed gentleman he presents himself as here. At first listen, you would think of a circus themed video (dare I say, such as the Circus video from Miss Britney Spears.) Though, the unnecessary bikini-clad girl fight is far more pleasing to the rocker palate. :)