Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crush it!

Few things I've been into this week...

1. Big retro "bangs" and high ponytail...not sure if it's retro or Wilma Flinestone? Having fun with it, nonetheless.

2. OPI Black Shatter from the Katy Perry collection...sold out for weeks, I was swindled at Ricky's NYC for $14 for this nailpolish (it sold out the next day)...but, you can find it on for about $8. Makes a great topcoat and is extremely fun to layer. I layered mine over a white nailpolish and put a clear glitter over the shatter.

3. Vintage bib/statement necklaces...LOVE these unique pieces that instantly transform a tired, old t-shirt into something far more interesting.

Currently headed to Philadelphia for The Kills and Cold Cave show at the TLA...cue that Bruce Springsteen song, the Rocky steps and the Liberty Bell...oh, and amazing cheesesteak!

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